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Clinical Knowledge Manager

The Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) system is PSIMedica’s unique web-based tool for employers, which integrates all available cost, utilization and quality information from sources including health carriers, pharmacy, workers compensation, and laboratory data on a standardized basis to support the informed management by employers. Learn more.

Reporting Solution Plus

The Reporting Solution Plus (RSP) reports display trends in the health care delivery and cost of services for the employers' population. The population of members and patients may be stratified and analyzed by categories meaningful to the employer – i.e. disease, procedure, provider, gender, age, location, active vs. retiree, hourly vs. salaried, and so on. Learn more.

Management Support

PSIMedica offers an array of healthcare support and services to its clients. The areas of service include management consulting and/or -analytics through service bureau administration. Learn more.

Predictive Analyzer

The predictive module is designed to forecast the likely prospective trend in the health status, healthcare cost, and productivity impact of the employers’ chronic disease/condition populations. The purchaser of service can use the Predictive output as a baseline for forward planning of health benefit, management interventions as well as a template to assess the impact of interventions aimed at improving projected trend. Learn more.

Benefit Design

The Benefit Design Modeler allows you to Forecast the cost and utilization impact of changes in current health plan designs, and Model the likely cost and utilization pattern of new health plan designs. Learn more.

CareIndex® Quality Indicator (CQI)

The CQI application design and functionality is an adjunct reporting tool for providers and other health care managers. Profile your patient population in a snapshot, identify your most sick or non-compliant patients, design your approach for NCQA certifications…and more. Learn more.

About PSIMedica

PSIMedica, headquartered in Elmwood Park, New Jersey is the health informatics division of Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc., the largest regional clinical laboratory in the Northeast U.S. Bio-Reference Labs is a publicly traded corporation (BRLI-NASDAQ). PSIMedica was formed to exploit the full potential of integrating healthcare services data for the advance of knowledge management in healthcare. Learn more.

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