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Predictive Analyzer


The predictive module is designed to forecast the likely prospective trend in the health status, healthcare cost, and productivity impact of the employers’ chronic disease/condition populations. The purchaser of service can use the Predictive output as a baseline for forward planning of health benefit, management interventions as well as a template to assess the impact of interventions aimed at improving projected trend.


The Disease Profiling and Predictive Modeling Module are primarily oriented to aggregate analysis of disease/condition populations. Most measures focus on the distribution of the Severity Index score among the entire disease/condition population or within demographically defined sub-populations of the total population. The data analysis can be generated at a single diagnosis level or at a multi-diagnosis level. In addition, the module supports drill-down capability from macro level analytics. The single diagnosis Predictive analytics provides four (4) different quadrants of data analytics.

  1. Population Overview

    The reports, within this category, are available for each disease/condition in the “Analyzer” and provide profiling of the historical experience of the client’s population over time.

    The reports profile patient demographics and cost variables and clinical and co-morbidity variables for each disease and condition.

  2. Population Profile

    The population profile category of views and reports supports the Predictive modeling of view and reports using a trailing 12-month (TTM) methodology, while displaying the population demographics and predictive medical expense for a defined period in the future. The prospective estimates of disease/condition severity distribution associated healthcare costs and productivity impacts for a comparison of a current quarter and a future quarter.

    Using proportionality estimates of disease progression/regression across different levels of the Severity Index over periods of at least one year, the predictive reports are calculated at this level before being aggregated into total population predictions.

  3. Population Analysis

    The population analysis category supports the generation of template and ad hoc views and reports. The template views display distribution of diagnosis-specific indicators, cost and utilization, diagnosis-specific co-morbidity and cost progression analysis. The ad hoc view segment called focused analysis allows the user to select/model reports using clinical indicators, expanded demographic parameters, severity index scoring and risk related criteria.

  4. Population Intervention

    The population intervention category is the outcome and administrative planning segment of the Analyzer. The views detail patient information at a summary and individual patient level creating a patient-specific Personal Health Page (PHP).


The Analyzer supports disease-specific population-wide historical and predictive analysis.

  • Population-wide analysis allows the User to identify trends, patterns and issues effecting the population. Thus enabling the User to design plans and programs to maximize health care services across the total population.
  • Individual analysis is most valuable in planning for interventions like wellness programs and disease management, where the significant cost of the initiatives may constrain application of the intervention to a sub-set of individual members who are at greatest risk and/or most likely to benefit.


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