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Company helps out Elmwood Park Ambulance Corps with new vehicle

Wednesday May 16, 2012, 1:01 PM
Community News (Elmwood Park Edition)

Elmwood Park Ambulance Corps Chief J. Pete Pais gets behind the wheel of a new first responder vehicle while Bob Colon and Dr. Marc Grodman of Bio Reference Laboratories take a look on May 9. Bio Reference donated the new vehicle to the ambulance corps.

A borough company recently gave back to the ambulance corps.

On May 9, Bio Reference donated a first responder's truck to the Elmwood Park Ambulance Corps. Bio Reference has operated within Elmwood Park for the better part of three decades and is, at present, the borough's largest employer.

The donation ceremony took place in front of the Bio Reference building located off of Market Street. Attending the ceremony were members of the Elmwood Park Ambulance Corps, the head of Bio Reference Dr. Marc D. Grodman, Bio Reference employee Bob Colon, various members of the Elmwood Park Council, Elmwood Park Mayor Richard A. Mola, Elmwood Park Chief of Police Tom Johnson and the head of the Ambulance Corps J. Pete Pais.

During the ceremony Pais awarded Bio Reference with a plaque celebrating the donation and honoring the company's sacrifice to help Elmwood Park. The first responder's truck was donated to fill a void in the ambulance corps' fleet of emergency vehicles. All told, the vehicle cost more than $35,000.

"We are very appreciative of this donation," commented Pais during the ceremony. "We understand the sacrifice it took for you to make this donation and we honor Bio Reference's dedication and willingness to give back to Elmwood Park. We are very thankful for this donation."

The vehicle donated is a 2012 Ford Explorer. To suit the needs of the ambulance corps the vehicle comes equipped with various medical instruments and supplies that it needs to conduct daily business.

In his comments at the ceremony Grodman said the company donated the vehicle as a reflection of its commitment to Elmwood Park.

"We are donating this vehicle because we heard there was a void that needed to be filled," he said. "Bio Reference has been part of this town for a long time and we know the responsible thing to do is give back to the town that has helped us so much. I was raised to respect and honor those that respect and honor you. As such, it is our pleasure to donate this vehicle to help the town and its residents."

In his comments, Grodman took special note to mention Colon. Although Grodman is the head of Bio Reference, he said Colon is the major reason why the donation was brought to his attention and why it happened.

"Without the work of Mr. Colon, this donation would never have taken place. He knew about the town needing the vehicle and he did everything he could to make that happen," Grodman said. Colon is a longtime resident of Elmwood Park. The vehicle will go into use immediately.

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