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Management Support


PSIMedica offers an array of healthcare support and services to its clients. The areas of service include management consulting and/or - analytics through service bureau administration.

Management Consulting

PSIMedica recognizes that client needs are very complex and can not be limited to review of data in one area. In addition, the interpretation of the data is key to understanding the type and method of intervention and recommendations that can generate positive change for the client population. PSIMedica will prepare client reports and meet to discuss the findings of the report with its client or with the client’s sub-client. All reports include recommendations for how to improve the current status of the findings within the report. Management consulting is an adjunct service to the client’s direct access to CKM.

Administrative Service Bureau

PSIMedica will management and host the client’s data on its system. On a routine basis, PSIMedica will generate reports for the client and forward the reports to the client for their review, interpretation, distribution and action. The reports can be generated on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis. In addition the report format can be an aggregate summary or employer specific or by payor. Further, reports can be generated for third party medical management vendors, disease management vendors and others.


The key benefit to the services offered by PSIMedica, is the flexibility offfered the client so the client is able to choose the service that best fits their needs. The appropriateness of the service will aid the client in stabilizing its medical expenses and improve the efficiency of its own customer service.

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