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Company Background

PSIMedica is a health informatics company focused on improving the quality and value of healthcare and other employee benefits. Our organizing principle is “clinical knowledge management” or CKM, which integrates available business intelligence in an easily accessible manner. PSIMedica is a division of Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. (BRLI-NASDAQ), the largest regional clinical laboratory in the Northeast US.

Data Model

PSIMedica provides a comprehensive approach to data warehousing that integrates all the relevant data sources into a unified data model. Of particular note is PSIMedica’s multifaceted applications can provide administrative and clinical data reporting including concrete physiological outcome indicators for measuring the impact and effectiveness of population health improvement initiatives.

Decision Support Content

PSIMedica provides analytical support for a wide range of improvement interventions including, - chronic disease models and improvement planning tools, a robust actuarial benefit modeler, which is utilized to evaluate the pricing and cost impact of current and future health benefit plans, - and physician and hospital price/quality improvement analyses based upon the baseline indicators identified through the data mining of the employer information.

CKM Web-based Application

PSIMedica delivers its decision support content, including standard report templates, modeling tools, and ad hoc data mining capability through a convenient web-based application. The client requires a desktop or laptop computer equipped with a standard browser and minimal enabling software. Reports are offered in a wide range of formats at the user’s option.

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