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Clinical Knowledge Manager


The Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) system is PSIMedica’s unique web-based tool for employers, which integrates all available cost, utilization and quality information from sources including health carriers, pharmacy, workers compensation, and laboratory, data on a standardized basis to support the informed management by employers.


Data Source

Enrollment, claims and clinical data, sourced from various vendors / carriers, is used to build a powerful, fully configured data warehouse. The warehouse may be hosted remotely or may be located within the client’s intranet framework.


The information stored in the database is aggregated for end-user analysis through advanced OLAP techniques. The analytic content of the system, both standard reports and user-generated ad hoc analytics, are generated and accessed across the intranet/internet using the client browser.

User Interface

Reports: The main screen of CKM displays Key Indicator reports which are promoted to the screen by the User. The key indicator reports provide the opportunity to highlight and monitor the most important indicators from within the entire system on an on-going basis. Standard Reports provides catalogs of frequently used and automatic ally updated tables, charts and forecasting models.

Data Mining: The middle part of the UI is devoted to generation of ad hoc queries and data mining. The Cost and Utilization section provides access to a wide range of dimensions and measures reflecting actual experience with health and disability benefits. The Health and Productivity section provides additional dimensions and measures that allow a broad view of the overall health and productivity of the employer’s covered population. The Quality and Outcomes section provides additional dimensions and measures pertaining to standards of care and outcome indicators for chronic diseases and conditions.


  1. Integration of claim and administrative data on an inpatient and outpatient basis.
  2. Broad analysis of integrated data that can be “sliced and diced” in an infinite manner.
  3. Multiple dimension and measure parameters specific to the underlying service type.
  4. Population level analysis to drill-down analysis for an individual patient.
  5. Multiple report formats, i.e. Excel, PDF, Text.
  6. Automatic data refresh of saved Views during refresh of entire database.


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